Online Marketing

Online Marketing

A successful mail campaign mainly depends on following technologies and features. Perfect combination and optimum use of these technologies and features take years of experience and huge resources.


Authentically Growing Email list:
One of the biggest challenges when developing email program can be growing email list. In order to be an all-star marketer and a white hat email sender, nobody should buy lists. You should slowly and authentically grow Email List. It takes years effort to develop an authenticated and well segregated list.


Authentically sending Emails


DKIM certification: We provide DKIM certification (to be added on our domain name) that makes any sent email authenticated and guarantees its legitimate origin to the recipients’ servers.


White-listing of IPs: Our white-listed and trusted servers will boost email delivery rates by avoiding being blacklisted and reducing filtered messages.


IP Warming up: Warming up IPs is a very important process. We do it sincerely with the right tools and information to ensure that our IPs earn a great reputation and you enjoy a great delivery rate.



Use of own domain, website and dedicated IPs: We use our domain name, our own website and our own dedicated IPs to authentically send emails. We have a list of clean and authenticated domains and websites. Therefore customers’ domain and websites are never touched and no fear of black-listing, etc.



Customized Unsubscribe tools and Anti-SPAM compliance: We provide customized ‘unsubscribe link’ below every email. A personalized message is displayed after clicking every unsubscribe link. First we manually delete all unsubscribe requests. Additionally all unsubscribed emails are automatically stored in Web-server. These two stage process ensures that all ‘unsubscribe request’ is properly honoured. We sincerely comply with all Anti-SPAM rules.



Maximum Deliverability and Fast Deliverability


The overall system will ensure the highest delivery rate for messages, so that you can make the most of any email campaign. When it comes to send many emails, common SMTP servers take usually a lot to accomplish the task. Our dedicated IP and servers, on the contrary, provides a high speed delivery that will make the whole process much quicker.


By-pass ISP limitations:

We maintain close communication and feedback look with top ISPs to avoid any kind of deliverability issue:


Continuous cleaning of email list:

We employ huge amount of our resources for keeping email list clean (composed only by active addresses). It is essential step to enhance delivery rate. We use a complete range of tools bounce, spam, invalid email and unsubscribe tracking system and use these data to curate our lists.